My Thought on Cyberethics

Cyberethics is an important focus point when it comes to any occupation involving technology. For my occupation, cybertethics takes on even a heavier role.  When it comes to hacking as a Certified hacker, cyberethics is a huge deal.  Many companies and government agencies have been training in employees as Certified Ethical Hackers or CEH’s.  This faces our society with huge moral dilemma, and that is, is it ethical to teach hacking even though it is considered a bad thing?  There is certainly two good sides to this dilemma.  On one side the security benefits seem like a no-brainer, if companies have CEH’s consistently pointing out weak point in their systems, then the less vulnerable they are to cyber-attacks.  The other side easily counters with the fact that people are being taught how to gain access to computers they shouldn’t have access too, which means anyone who wanted too could learn how to hack.  This is exactly why ethical use is so involved in this field.  Obviously it seem wrong to teach people how to gain access to computers, but at the same time it is easily justifiable as a simple pre-cautionary procedure.  This has the potential to became one of the most controversial talking points in the whole computer field!  These people who are employed need to know and understand the ethics based around their occupation.  It really comes down to how the people who have learned the skills of hacking use their knowledge.  Surely more than not will use their skills for good, but what happens when the odd one out turns and therefore ends up significantly undermining his employer?  Stories like this scenario seem to happen on a daily basis in today’s world.  There are many examples of big name companies being hacked and its a big deal!  Organizations such as the Syrian Electronic Army has made a huge name for themselves by instigating countless attacks o n big name companies and even the United States Marine Corps.  This just shows how predominant organized hacker groups are in the world today, and CEH’s necessity is only growing exponentially!  This is why CEH’s need to be ethically sound when they take the position.  Let’s say a CEH finds a big flaw in the security system, but instead of fixing it, he uses it to gain access into all of his employers private documents?  Scenarios like this are a daily routine for a CEH and this is why any CEH needs to use their position for a positive manner.  Edward Snowden is a perfect example of using his CEH skills unethically.  He took CEH classes and obviously used his skills in a seemingly non ethical way, but to a hacker, this was an ethical thing to do.  According to hackers, all information should be free, but when a hacker takes on the role as a CEH, should his or her ethics change?  I certainly believe so.  I am not supportive in any way of what Snowden did,  He turned his back on his employer which is ethically wrong in my mind.  Stories of him, and the NSA scandals are all prime examples of the ethics behind a position such as a CEH.




Wikileaks :


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